Massage Therapy

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage is the manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to enhance the function and promote relaxation and well being.

Massage involves acting on and manipulating the body with manual pressure or with mechanical aids. Target tissues may include muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, joints, or other connective tissue, as well as lymphatic vessels. Our chiropractors communicate directly with our massage therapists regarding your condition and symptoms so that relief is quickly achieved.

What are the different types of Massage?

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is designed to relieve severe tension in the muscle and the connective tissue or fascia. This type of massage focuses on the muscles located below the surface of the top muscles. Deep tissue massage is often recommended for individuals who experience consistent pain, are involved in heavy physical activity (such as athletes), and patients who have sustained physical injury. It is not uncommon for receivers of deep tissue massage to have their pain replaced with a new muscle ache for a day or two. 

The term "deep tissue" is often misused to identify a massage that is performed with sustained deep pressure. Deep tissue massage is a separate category of massage therapy, used to treat particular muscular-skeletal disorders and complaints and employs a dedicated set of techniques and strokes to achieve a measure of relief. It should not be confused with "deep pressure" massage, which is one that is performed with sustained strong, occasionally intense pressure throughout an entire full-body session, and that is not performed to address a specific complaint. Deep tissue massage is applied to both the superficial and deep layers of muscles, fascia, and other structures. The sessions are often quite intense as a result of the deliberate, focused work. When a client asks for a massage and uses the term "deep tissue," more often than not he or she is seeking to receive a full-body session with sustained deep pressure throughout. If a practitioner employs deep tissue techniques on the entire body in one session, it would be next to impossible to perform; it might lead to injury or localized muscle and nerve trauma, thereby rendering the session counterproductive.

Myofascial Release Massage

Myofascial release refers to the manual massage technique for stretching the fascia and releasing bonds between fascia, integument, and muscles with the goal of eliminating muscle pain, muscle trigger points, and increasing range of motion. Myofascial release usually involves applying shear compression or tension in various directions, or by skin rolling.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage uses five styles of long, flowing strokes to massage. The five basic strokes are effleurage (sliding or gliding), petrissage (kneading), tapotement (rhythmic tapping), friction (cross fiber) and vibration/shaking. Swedish massage has shown to be helpful in reducing pain, joint stiffness, and improving function in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee over a period of eight weeks.

Trigger Point Therapy

Sometimes confused with pressure point massage, this involves deactivating trigger points that may cause local pain or refer pain and other sensations, such as headaches, in other parts of the body. Manual pressure, vibration, injection, or other treatment is applied to these points to relieve trigger point pain. Trigger points were first discovered and mapped by Janet G. Travell (President Kennedy's physician).

What conditions does Massage Therapy help treat?

Massage therapy can treat a number of different conditions and it is important to communicate your symptoms and goals to the massage therapists. 

  • Neck and back pain                                                                                    
  • Sciatica 
  • Sports injuries 
  • Headaches 
  • Auto accidents 
  • Muscle pain and Trigger points 
  • Hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain, and shoulder pain 
  • Arthritis related pain 
  • Pregnancy related back pain 

How much does Massage Therapy cost? 

55$ / 30 minutes 

110$ / 1 hour

We also offer discount packages to optimize your savings. Please give us a call at 904-388-1811 for additional details. 

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