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I have been a patient of Dan and April Dodd for over 16 years. I have been a chiropractic patient over 40 years. In 2010 I was rear-ended and suffered from whiplash. With the help of the Dodd's and without any medication I had a full recovery. In 2014, I was t-boned and my car was totaled. I was blessed to walk away from the accident and again with the skill of the Dodd's I had a full recovery. I make regular appointments to maintain my health and keep my joints as pain free as possible without medication. I have referred many friends and family members over the years. I recommend you give them a call today!


I have been a patient for a long time and love that this practice treats you like family not just another patient.


I wasn't so sure about chiropractic therapy, however, the team at at Dr. Dodds office has eased my mind, and I have regained more movement in my neck in just a short time, would definitely recommended them even to skeptical people like me. 


Thanks again for all you guys do for me!


Upon my first arrival at Dodd Chiropractic Clinic, I informed Dr. Dodd that I had chronic lower back and neck pain. I was also experiencing decreased sensation in my toes. I was not experiencing sufficient improvement with my previous doctor and was becoming desperate! After looking online, I came across the Dodd Chiropractic website and was impressed.

During my appointment, Dr. Daniel Dodd listened to all of my complaints and began his evaluation and therapy plan. Within days, I was experiencing improvements. An MRI was ordered by Dr. Dodd. A local hospital radiologist noticed a medical problem that could have become life threatening if not managed.

Today, I am practically pain free & my health continues to improve through care within this clinic and with this provider. I thoroughly endorse Dodd Chiropractic with my highest recommendation. Thank you, Dr. Daniel & Dr. April Dodd.


You all are well appreciated. Thank Everyone for helping me heal and feel better.


I recently twisted my knee while doing housework.  My ability to walk comfortably was impacted and my knee was swollen for several days.  I received a total of three adjustments by Dr. Dan and the pain in my knee was SIGNIFICANTLY lessened after just two adjustments. I was back to normal by the third adjustment within just one week.  I highly recommend Dr. Dan and his team at Dodd Chiropractic!


At a young age, I had pain in my jaw which turned into headaches and then turned into migraines.  I had heard of chiropractic as a natural approach to help with the migraines.  Since I began treating with Dr Dodd there has been a decrease in my headaches along with the pain in my TMJ.  The office staff is always a delight and helpful as well as mindful of my busy work schedule.


The Dodd's are amazing!  As with many people, I have had a distrust and weariness of doctors.  I finally pinpointed what I value in a physician.  I want them to have the same amount of concern for me as I do.  The Dodd's absolutely fit my dream doctor mould.  Not only do they share my level of concern, they are advocates.  While they certainly excel at advocating for you to third parties if necessary, the more important thing for me is they're advocating to me about me.  You may be resigned about your injury, having already decided you will always feel this discomfort or always be unable to do certain things.  The Dodd's give you hope that you can improve your physical situation and they provide the tools and care for your road to recovery.


Dodd Chiropractic has been a life saver!  I am pregnant, and I come every week.  My back feels stronger, I feel leaner, and I am not in pain.  The staff all have great personalities and very friendly.  I have never seen a more patient, friendly and caring group of people.


For years, I have had lower back and neck pain due to two auto accidents that happened about 12 years ago.  My first visit with Dr. Dodd was in December of 2012.  After about four adjustments, I started feeling better plus I was sleeping a lot better too!  Dr. Dodd's staff is awesome, they always have a smile for you and are very friendly.  They also make me feel like part of the family.


I can't say enough for Dr. April and Dr. Dan and the outstanding practice they have.  I crawled in the office in October of 2012 and I'm improving with every visit.  The knowledge and expertise of the doctor's is excellent in every facet of treatment.  They have an extremely professional and competent staff who greet you with a very warm reception every time you come in.  I believe they all really care and that is unusal to see such a great team approach that works!


Came in with pain, left feeling less pain and more relaxed.


In December of 2012 my left leg was disabled by a pinched nerve in my back.  I was in extreme pain and unsure about spinal surgery.  Numerous friends said I should see a chiropractor.  I decided to try it in the hope that the doctor could at least relieve some of the pian.  To make a long story short, I did get relief from the pain.  Moreover, in four months of treatment I was walking normally and had no pain.  My experience with Dr. Dodd and his staff has been positive and enjoyable.  It is a top notch group.  I think that Dr. Dan will be curing my aches and pains from now on.



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Dodd Chiropractic has been a life saver! I am pregnant, and I come every week. My back feels stronger, I feel leaner, and I am not in pain. The staff all have great personalities and very friendly. I have never seen a more patient, friendly and caring group of people.